Sunday, December 04, 2005

The DVD Movie List

Recently Updated after Santa's arrival

10 Minute Solution
28 Days Later
A Knight's Tale – Superbit
Aeon Flux, The Complete Animated Collection
Air Force One – Superbit
Aladdin – Special Edition
Avia, Guide to Home Theater
Bad Boys – Superbit
Bad Boys II – Superbit
Batman Begins
Battlestar Galatica- Seasons 1 & 2
Big Fish
Black Hawk Down – Superbit
Bourne Identity, The
Bourne Supremacy, The
Brokeback Mountain
Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The
Cast Away
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Chicken Little
Chicken Run
Chronicles of Riddick, The
Cinderella Man
Cliffhanger – Superbit
Conan – The Complete Quest
Constant Gardner, The
Creature Comforts
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Das Boot – Superbit
Dawn of the Dead – The Unrated Director's Cut
Day After Tomorrow, The
Dead Man
Demo Disc #2
Desperado – Superbit
Deuce Bigalow
Donnie Darko – The Director's Cut
Dragon Inn
El Mariachi
Fifth Element, The – Ultimate Edition
Fight Club
Finding Nemo
Firefly – The Complete Series
Forrest Gump – Special Collector's Edition
Frank Herbert's Dune – Special Edition DVD; Director's Cut
Gattaca – Superbit
Gone with the Wind - Collector's Edition
Greatest Raid, The
Guns of Navarone, The -Superbit
Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle
Heavy Metal – Superbit
History of Violence
Hook – Superbit
Hotel Rwanda
House of Flying Daggers
HQZ Benchmark DVD – Version 1.4 NTSC
Incredibles, The
Independence Day
Indiana Jones – The Complete DVD Movie Collection
Iron Monkey
Jurassic Park – Collector's Edition
Kill Bill Vol. 1
Kill Bill Vol. 2
King Arthur
Kingdom of Heaven
Kitchen Stories
Kung Fu Hustle
Lawrence of Arabia – Superbit
Life Aquatic, The
Little Big Man
Living Sea, The
Lord of the Rings, The – The Fellowship of the Ring; Theatrical Release
Lord of the Rings, The – The Return of the King; Theatrical Release
Lord of the Rings, The – Two Towers; Extended Version
Lord of War
Lost in Space
Mad Max - Australian Edition
Mask of Zorro, The – Superbit
Master and Commander – The Far Side of the World
Matchstick Men
Men in Black – Superbit
Men in Black II – Superbit
Million Dollar Baby
Missing, The – Superbit
Motorcycle Diaries, The
Moulin Rouge
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Nutty Professor II – TheK lumps; Collector's Edition
Once Upon a Time in Mexico – Superbit
Over the Hedge
Patriot, The – Superbit
Pirates of the Caribbean
Pitch Black
Polar Express
Producers, The
R.E.M. This Film is On
Rain Man
Requiem For a Dream
Repo Man
Reservoir Dogs- Ten Years Special Edition
Resident Evil – Superbit
Roughnecks- Starship Troopers Chronicles-The complete campaign
Royal Tenenbaums, The
Saving Private Ryan
Seventh Seal, The – The Criterion Collection
Shakespeare in Love
Shrek 2
Sin City
Sling Blade
Snatch – Superbit
Spiderman – Superbit
Spiderman 2 – Superbit
Stargate – Ultimate Edition; Extended Cut
Starship Troopers 2, Hero of the Federation
Stealth Exclusive Sneak Preview, The
Suspect Zero
Team America, World Police
Terminator 2, Judgment Day
Top Gun
Transporter, The – Special Delivery Edition
Transporter 2
U-571 – Collector's Edition
Underworld – Superbit
Usual Suspects, The
Van Helsing
Vertical Limit – Superbit
Wallace and Gromit - Shorts
Wallace and Gromit- The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
War of the Worlds
XXX – Superbit


SPoT-Visitor said...

BakPakVa and LuoKui -

Thanks again for the showing of War of the Worlds at the upgraded G-SPoT.

That movie was much better than I expected. I avoided going to see it this summer because I was so put off the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes drama in the media. I also avoided going to see Batman Begins due to the Tom/Katie thing.

You guys have a phenomenal top-notch home movie theater.

Peter Jackson and Universal should open King Kong at The G-Spot.

Adam said...

Looks Great! I don't think you've enough movies though... =)


BakPakVa said...

Now you know what you can get us for Christmas...more DVD's!! :-)

BakPakVa said...

The pleasure was all ours. Thanks for the yummy food and glowing comments! We look forward to watching Serenity with you when it comes out!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005