Saturday, December 03, 2005

Welcome to the SPoT (aka: Greg's Sentinel Point Occasional Theater)

Well, if you didn't already know about the SPoT, you do now! It's one of the best home theaters in all of Reston. That's right, 106 inches of Hi-Def beauty and 7.1 surround sound coming from the pitch black Onkyo TX-805 THX ultra2 certified receiver . Red leather motorized recliners to sink into so the tactile bass doesn't blow you away!


Chris said...

Reston as in Reston, Virginia!?

BakPakVa said...

Yep, the planned community of Reston, VA. Accept no substitute.

Chris said...

I live in Reston as well (Market Street).

So where do you shop in the area for audio/video goodness?

BakPakVa said...

Please contact me at bakpakva(at)

Easier than through the blog.