Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Krieg der Welten

Tonight we watched "Krieg der Welten" with my friend Christian. He is the distributor for our products in Germany. We started the evening with a selection of beers; bud select, Old Dominion Winter Ale, Pete's Wicked Red Ale, and Amstel Light. After some goat cheese, apples, brie, and crackers, we sat down to some mutton stew and dill noodles that my roommate prepared. Our stomachs full, we headed down to the theater to relax in the soft leather recliners. This was his first experience with ButtKickers, and I think from his comments he liked them very much. We ended the night with discussion of motorcycles. In the end, a good time was had by all.

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Christian said...

This has been a very special event - I never met someone in Germany having his own cinema ;-) After an excellent dinner and some beers (much better than I expected them to be... in comparison to our Bavarian beer) we watched Krieg der Welten (I have not seen it before). The ButtKicker is really great, I need something similar...

I have seen an earlier comment on the movie and I have the same question - why is the camera still working??? The movie was a very good choice to get an impression of the home theatre effects.

So again, thanks for the invitation, the dinner and the really unique evening in your home theater!