Saturday, October 20, 2007

Transformer Party

Friday night's presentation of "Transformer" was a full house. The setup finally came together within the last hour. I had to make a quick dash to pick up my sub from Myer-Emco and get the room calibrated. I finally got around to adding a Buttkicker to the front row as well so there wouldn't be a fight over the rear row seating. I wasn't sure I would get it installed in time. I had a mounting plate drilled at work during the day, and got it installed right after work. From the sounds coming from the front row audience, it seemed to be working properly even though I didn't have a chance to test it before the show. It is not the proper way to install the kickers, because the couch is not on a platform. Luckily I have a table in front of the couch that people can put their feet on to isolate them from the floor when sitting upright. It works, but not as well as having a full platform. Of course if you lay on the couch it is not an issue, but does restrict the seating capacity to one or two.

The bass was tight and the dialog clear, the bass traps in back helped keep things from getting muddy or boomy even during the loudest of scenes.


Anonymous said...

Hey Greg, thanks for hosting Transformers! Those ass-kickers are really amazing for their ability to keep you awake!

Anonymous said...

The front row couch with the newly added buttkicker is an asset to the theater! I had a great time sitting with 3 friends on the couch. The low seating actually enhanced the effect of the explosive action scenes. I think our friends and I will come frequently. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg, I really love coming over to the G-Spot last night. Not only is it an amazing movie watching experience, but the hosts are not bad either. With free popcorn and candy, why would anyone want to go anywhere else? Thanks for the invite! Tom