Thursday, December 18, 2008

HK-635 and Panny V2600 GONE!

I am now without a receiver to power my theater. I recently sold both the Harman Kardon and Yamaha receivers. I thought it was time to move up to HDMI 1.3 and the new audio decoders (True-HD, DTS-MA) to use with my BD-35. Perhaps it is time to try another brand, like the Onkyo TX-SR805? It seems to do all the things I want, and without all the video processing that I do not need.


hypeiv said...

Yep I can't wait to get the HK-635. I have already done some research and might add an oppo hm-31 to it. Looks like I shouldn't have much trouble programming it to switch with the HK-635 via the RS232 port... should be fun to tinker with none the less.

Anyway I'll link you some pictures of the HK's new home once I get it all set up.

BakPakVa said...

I think you will enjoy it. I had no complaints with the HK-635. I enjoyed its snappy, powerful sound. I only used the RS-232 port once to do the upgrade of the software. You should be able to do all sorts of neat things through that port from what I remember of the utility program.