Sunday, January 04, 2009

Some Videos of the 6500

I captured some videos today of the 6500. The first shows the cold startup time. The 6500 had been off all night, the BD-35 was already started and on the main menu screen of Kill Bill 2. The video chain is as follows:
BD-35 --> DVDO Edge --> SR805 --> 6500

The power on occurs approxiamately 5 seconds after the start of the video.

The second video shows the time it takes to start playing "Iron Man" after the projector has been started.

The third video is High an Low lamp, and the auto iris function. The basic idea was to capture the fan noise and shutter noise. Unfortunately, the Pentax Optio A20 has a very poor microphone. The auto color balance of the camera is also quite poor in low lighting, so these videos do not represent the image quality of the 6500.

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