Sunday, January 29, 2006


Last night's feature was Serenity. We had two couples over for dinner. The weather was so warm, we decided to have grilled pork loin and fettucini with shrimp cream sauce. Even after this hearty meal, we managed to polish off 2 kettles of popcorn. After the movie, we broke out the propane tank and had creme brulee and creme puffs for dessert.

The movie kept everyone's attention. A fight broke out over who would get to borrow our Firefly series, so we knew they liked the movie. We won't mention the argument over whether or not Jayne was a Baldwin boy or not. Even though Adam is a Baldwin, he is not related to Alec, Stephen, Daniel, William, or Joseph.

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don said...

The SPOT is now the best cinema in Reston. It ROCKS! Wonderful reclining seats make it very nice along with amazing "sound effects". Refreshment stand and service is superb.

Thanks for a wonderful dinner and movie. We really enjoyed spending a nice evening with you guys!