Sunday, January 22, 2006


Last night we presented "Underworld" to 3 friends of our coven. The movie was a Superbit version, and although dark it was extremely crisp and clear. The soundtrack is DTS and gives the amp a decent workout with sporadic explosions and excessive gunfire. The movie was enjoyed by both Vampyre and Lycan alike, though I still prefer Blade 3 and Van Helsing. Plenty of action to sink your teeth into and keep the sleep deprived zombies awake.

This was our first showing after completing some work on the underside of the platform. We had re-seated the buttkickers and added more insulation between the joists. I also readjusted the input levels to the kicker amp through the dvd sub out. I did not hear the annoying "rattle"in the platform that we have been experiencing, but I did not sit on the platform seating.

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Anonymous said...

An AweSome movie in a Great venue! I love the Surround Sound with the Vibrating, Reclining Chairs! No more going to regular theatres for ME !