Saturday, April 08, 2006

A customized Intro

I finally broke down and purchased a customized intro clip for the theater. I am quite impressed with it. I was also able to hack my Oppo firmware and change the startup screen with a screen capture from the CeRT intro disc.

A picture of the new startup screen is shown below.


home theater pictures said...

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Anonymous said...

That's great!! Can you please give us steps to how you did it. I will like to try this myself. Thanks.


BakPakVa said...

For those of you with dvd players with MTK chipset, it is possible to change the load screen on you dvd player. IT IS RISKY BUSINESS, as you can render your dvd player useless if anything goes wrong. A good link is:

Follow the links in this message to MKLOGO and c2bin. Then use MTKRemake for compiling the new image. You will need to use a DOS window for running MKLOGO and c2bin.

Modify the firmware at your own risk!