Monday, April 03, 2006

Time to play Catch-Up

It has been a long time since we updated this blog, but here is a quick rundown on what we have been up to. We are in the process of adding bass traps and equalizing the G-Spot. Luokui is also busy working on his recording studio. We have watched a few movies during the construction phase.

King Kong: Really enjoyed this movie. The picture was crisp and the sound was awesome. It was about an hour too long though, and should have had some of the scenes deleted. The face of Kong was very well done, but the dinosaur scenes should have stayed in Jurassic Park IV.

Crash: We had a group of about 5 friends over to watch this "Oscar Winner". We all agreed, too contrived, and gave it a thumbs down. What were they thinking when they picked this movie? It would be a waste as a rental, and even more so as a buy. In short, it crashed.

We have watched a few others, but the titles escape me. I guess they weren't much to write about!

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